JubileeRadio And so all is revealed! This weekend Jubilee Radio will become the Voice of The Pirates to commemorate 50 years... https://t.co/Y5YUUB3mbT
JubileeRadio Well that's it. Our tribute to the Pirates is now done. Thanks to everyone who managed to tune in. I hope we... https://t.co/chykGcngJY
JubileeRadio RT @SHGB001: Only just over 30 mins left of my show today sadly. Live until 11 on @JubileeRadio listen on tunein app or via https://t.co/W0
JubileeRadio And now we hand you over to the Pirates! 12 hours of radio nostalgia!! It's Radio Caroline 🚢 head to... https://t.co/NGxCfjvz1h
JubileeRadio Coming up next an interview with Pirate Radio DJ Paul Peters. Tales from the Pirate Days!
JubileeRadio Hi everyone! Just getting the programmes ready for tomorrows Pirate Radio Day! Tune in at https://t.co/CzFTLLUHsO... https://t.co/ghkEZ2O1jR
JubileeRadio RT @SHGB001: It's Pirate Radio Day on @JubileeRadio & Jerry & myself are the voice of Radio Caroline through til 12pm. Listen via https://t…
JubileeRadio Tonight on JHR Barry Bridel interviews local resident and engineer on board Radio 270, Stephen Muirfield, he... https://t.co/DHXWhY7SIN
JubileeRadio Live from 9am-11am it's @SHGB001 listen via tunein or our website. Interact via phone, text, email or twitter. #hospitalradio
JubileeRadio RT @SHGB001: @kevinstewartgsy @JTsocial @BBC @islandfm I am currently on @JubileeRadio so I have advised any patients listening in. In cas…

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